Don’t let running your business get in the way of doing business.

Founded in 2021 by Drew Dowdell, Really Simple brings technology expertise to help your business grow. By concentrating on your business processes, we find ways to make your existing employees more efficient, and we find ways to allow your growth to scale while minimizing the need for additional headcount. Our automation expertise can help to stop manual business processes that steal time, saving your business money.

We hold decades of experience in building and supporting technology, with a focus on:

  • Energy
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Local Government

While we make your business more efficient, we also can boost your digital marketing footprint, pushing you towards the top of search results when potential clients are looking for your solutions. We offer targeted advertising on our media outlets and provide product placement or product reviews across social platforms.

We are available remotely and for on-site work in the greater Pittsburgh region.

Drew Dowdell
Drew DowdellPresident
My experience in building I.T. infrastructure goes back decades. As a teenager, I was building networks of DOS and Dialup based bulletin board systems, bringing people my age together in a time before the internet was widespread.

I have worked on project and support teams for manufacturing, government, logistics, banking, energy, and more. Since 2016, I have held management and leadership roles for I.T. departments as well as running major I.T. projects.

I am also an accredited journalist having run my own automotive news website since 2009.

Let’s Keep Things Really Simple!